True Story

Imagine being born sick. From the very first moment that you entered the world, you had to fight to survive. IVs were inserted, blood was drawn from your thin veins. An endotracheal tube was slid into your airway and bright lights aimed at your tiny, frail body, piercing your virgin eyes. Minutes before you were warm and safe, tucked inside of your mother. But even in the womb you weren't safe. The fluid that had surrounded you for the past seven months had depleted and was now gone,  allowing the walls around you to become tight and compress your body. Your heart rate began to slow and it became hard to move. You blood pressure dropping and your kidneys failing. On the outside, doctors decide that your only chance of survival is a near three month early delivery.

Straight From A Mother's Heart
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This is the true story of my son's birth. He spent most of his first year of life in the hospital. Today he is a little over two years old. For the most part, he is able to live at home with only occasional hospital stays. The only problem is that now he is in stage 5 renal failure. He spends ten hours a day connected to a dialysis machine. The other fourteen hours are spent taking medications, receiving injections, along with physical, occupational, and speech therapy due to his weak muscles. His father created a fund-raiser because we have been given a gift. I have been found to be a perfect match to donate Roman a kidney. I have been given the opportunity to improve my child's quality of life greatly! For the first time in Roman's life he will be able to wake up and feel normal. His stomach won't churn, causing terrible reflux and vomiting, his little legs won't cramp as he tries to stand, and he'll know what it feels like to be healthy. Please help us  raise the money we need to support our family through this very tough time and become part of the community who helped save our son's life.